Precast concrete buildings are designed and constructed not just to meet but expected to exceed all applicable national and provincial building codes.  Advantage to precast is ability to withstand the most extreme weather conditions and outlasting other forms of construction for decades of constant usage.  Long term ownership costs are lower than traditional building types due to the reduced risk of deterioration and reduced maintenance costs.

Precast concrete has a very high thermal mass and R-value therefore will greatly reduce energy use when in operation.  Precast concrete buildings may contribute to mortgage approvals while also decreasing insurance rates. 


Insulated precast wall panels have incredible structural capabilities with superior thermal mass and R-values. Diverse tenant applications possible with insulated sandwich panels, providing versatility and efficient building envelopes. The wall panels are created of two reinforced concrete layers, inner and outer. Thermal insulation is sandwiched between two concrete panels becoming one panel with 3 components. Building interior panel is structural while the exterior panel is weather barrier, protecting from elements. Exposed surface of interior panel is smooth, while exterior panel often features various premium finishes or embossed design for visual distinction. Sealed joints at the inner and outer faces provides a building envelope with greater impermeability and capacity for vapor barrier addressing air and moisture.


Precast building envelopes are 100% non-combustible.  Being non-combustible lends to buildings that will store, operate or be in vicinity of combustible products.  Precast concrete provides superior fire resistance as compared to traditional building materials.  Precast concrete panels strength lends itself to superior protection from the elements of wind, water and especially fire.


Pre-Cast Concrete Products can last decades over conventional construction, providing an amazing service life.
Precast buildings do stand the test of time from most substances and dramatically outlast other building materials currently available. No construction material is completely immune to the deterioration from chemical agents or wear and tear. Precast has a reduced probability of future problems as other materials deteriorate, lose strength and deflect over time, precast continues to grow stronger over time.